With Nutrave, We All Win

1. Press play and look closely at the ‘Nutrave Imperial chicken thighs with wine, sweet corn and honey sauce’ recipe prepared by Pepe Rodríguez.

2. Fill out the questionnaire below and answer the question correctly.

3. From among all participants who answer correctly, 5 will win packages filled with chicken products from the Nutrave Imperial range, and one will win a meal for 2 at ‘El Bohío’, Pepe Rodríguez’s restaurant that has a Michelin star.

4. For every entry, Nutrave will make a financial donation to Cáritas Diocesana in Toledo.

Cáritas diocesana de Toledo

The deadline for participation is 30 November. If you are one of the participants, pay close attention to our social media!

That is where we will publish the winners of the meal at El Bohío and the packages of Nutrave products.