NUTRAVE has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund, whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs, thanks to which it has launched an Internationalisation Plan with the objective of improving its competitive positioning abroad during 2018.

To do this, it has relied on the support of the XPANDE Programme of the Toledo Chamber of Commerce.

European Regional Development Fund

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Research and Development (R&D+i)

NUTRAVE, as part of its firm commitment to development and innovation, wishes to identify the main factors that influence the presence of lameness in broiler chicken farms, in order to improve the quality of its products through new nutritional strategies. To do this, it has carried out a project entitled “Study of nutritional solutions to reduce the incidence of lameness in the broiler”, with record number IDI-20180260.

The general objective of the project consists of reducing the incidence of locomotive changes in broiler chicken through the design of new nutritional strategies in the feeding of breeding hens and broiler chickens. The project covers various new aspects, such as the design of a methodology for diagnosing locomotive changes in commercial farms and the study of the influence of handling, environmental and nutritional factors on the incidence of lameness. It also intends to assess the affect of new diets and the feeding system of breeding hens and broiler chickens on the reduction of locomotive changes.

As a result, it has improved the quality of our chickens during their development and growth by increasing productivity, reducing mortality and the need for lower-quality carcasses, offering products that are in line with the excellence that we work towards each day. All this is carried out in order to promote research, technological development and innovation in the production process for our products.

This project has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Multiregional Operational Programme for Smart Growth, and subsidised by the CDTI.

At Nutrave, seeking the highest quality for our products, we never stop researching and innovating in our production and development processes. A highlight in this case is the project for the “Improvement of the bone quality of the broiler chicken with high growth rate through the modulation of W6/W3 content in the diet (DI-20160104)”, a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

During 2016 and 2017, at Nutrave we designed and ran this research project, whose main objective has been to reduce the percentage of lower quality chickens by strengthening the bone structure of the broiler chicken, always seeking the highest quality in our products.

The study involved several departments at Nutrave: those responsible for integrations, those responsible for designing the diets for chickens, those responsible for manufacturing feed and technical staff from the product processing plant.

To achieve our goal and obtain reliable results, an experimental farm of 42 boxes for 30 chickens has been created, in order to replicate experimental small scale designs. The food varied in each box, being enriched with different raw materials that provide different ratios of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils. All this is aimed at encouraging the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in order to strengthen the skeleton of the chicken and improve its consistency. These trials have been replicated a posteriori in normal farms to demonstrate the results.

Finally, this work strengthens our R&D+i department, taking advantage of our cross-cutting activity (incubator, feed, integration, transport and processing plant) which allows synergies to be exploited in all parts involved in our work.

Technological Improvements

In our effort to continue improving the quality and production process of our poultry products, we receive public aid for Technological Improvements in the Meat Industry for the Comprehensive Processing of Poultry.

Record: AA-2015-45-000-00023
Promoter: Nutrave, S.A.
Project and Description: Technological Improvements in the Meat Industry for the Comprehensive Processing of Poultry
Total Public Aid: €282,014.11 (75% from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development)