NUTRAVE’s objective is to offer our customers and consumers high quality products through the comprehensive management of the raw material, from farm to table, our own transport, a sophisticated traceability control system and exhaustive quality controls, guaranteeing the safety of our products.


The hatchery, located in Cazalegas (Toledo) has a breeding capacity of 225,000 chicks per week. It is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a team of workers who guarantee the maximum performance of the plant and the management of the sophisticated traceability system. The chicks are born under the best conditions not only for their welfare but also to be able to guarantee a future high quality product that complies with the most demanding food safety standards.

1-day old chicks

New-born chicks, just one day old, are transferred to farms where the farmers and our technical team work extensively to ensure the safety and welfare of our chickens, and thus be able to maintain maximum production rates.

Integrated hen farms

The chickens grow in the farms under the most demanding animal welfare and food safety standards. Throughout their lives they are cared for by farmers and our experts who study their needs in the different stages, providing them with tailor-made feed to guarantee optimal nutrition and growth.

Feed factory

The feed factory has a production capacity of 60,000 tonnes per year, meaning we are able to supply our own feed to all integrations of chickens.

Poultry processing plant

Our processing plant is a modern complex with 20,000m2 of facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology in the European market.

It currently has a maximum slaughtering capacity of 16 million birds per year, of which 8.5 million are chickens and 7.5 million hens.

Ventilation process for gutted carcasses

Once the slaughtering, plucking and gutting processes have finished, the carcasses pass through the ventilation tunnel where they are cooled and moisture is shed to guarantee ideal conditions for their conservation.

Carving room

The carcasses are carved in Nutrave’s carving room to create the different cuts, always adapting to customer requirements and market trends. Nutrave has various production chains distributed strategically to maintain the highest level of production, always complying with the most demanding criteria concerning quality, food safety and good practices.

Processing room

The processing room, equipped with leading machinery in the sector, allows us to produce the extensive range of Nutrave products that are the result of our adaptation to market trends.

Our different lines range from fresh and marinated to breaded and “ready to cook” products.

Packaging and labelling

The packaging and labelling chains allow Nutrave to adapt to the needs of each of our customers, being able to offer them a wide variety of packaging options, conservation methods and labels.

Picking room

In the order picking or preparation room, our products are examined to adapt to our certifications and ensure that they reach our consumers with the highest quality.


One of Nutrave’s principles is to ensure the traceability of each of its products, so our logistics fleet, in Bargas (Toledo), allows all of our products to be consumed in perfect conditions and quality in every corner of Spain and worldwide, locking the freshness into every bite.