NUTRAVE operates from an advanced industrial site of over 100,000 square metres. Of this, 20,000 are allocated to facilities where we use leading cutting-edge technology in the European market for the breeding, development and creation of chicken, hen and derivative meat products.

Processing plant / Poultry processing
Our processing plant is a modern complex with 20,000m2 of facilities equipped with the leading technology in the European market, including a reception area for live birds, slaughtering area, plucking and gutting area, constant ventilation tunnel, weighing room and sorting centre, carving room and prepared meat products area. It also has packing rooms, refrigerated conservation chambers, frozen conservation tunnels and chambers; and finally, a picking area, dispatch room and loading bay.

With these facilities, our current maximum slaughtering capacity is 16 million birds per year, of which 8.5 million are chickens and 7.5 million hens.

The feed factory has a production capacity of 60,000 tonnes per year, meaning we are able to supply our own feed to all chicken categories.

Our team of professionals works to ensure that the bird feed is adapted to their needs in each stage of their life, guaranteeing that our chicks grow up healthy.

The hatchery has a breeding capacity of 225,000 chickens per week, equipped with the latest machinery and a team of workers who guarantee the maximum performance of the plant and the management of the sophisticated traceability system.
The farmers and our technical team work exhaustively to ensure the safety and well-being of our chickens, and so manage to maintain maximum production rates.
Our breeding hens are kept in the best facilities under the best conditions and care. They are responsible for laying the eggs that will give us new chicks, ensuring that the production chain never stops.
Our logistics system and geographical location allow our products to reach our customers with guaranteed maximum freshness and traceability.