Nutrave’s biggest concern is to offer our chicken and hen suppliers high quality wholesale products that will reach the tables of the end customer.

We have obtained various certifications that endorse our work and are proof of the good work of our professional team to obtain and serve unique products in the market. These certifications underline our commitment towards quality across the entire product manufacturing process. Only in this way can we guarantee the trust of our customers who are looking to use better cared for food in their preparation process every day, respecting all its nutrients.

The entity SGS certifies our select brand, Imperial Chicken, covering its entire production process (incubation, breeding, raising, transportation, carving, refrigeration and preparation), as well as national and international marketing, certifying us under regulation 993/2014 for the export of our products to third countries that have different specific requirements.
The IFS (International Food Standard) certification has allowed us to position our product in the most demanding market internationally, both in quality control and food safety.
The BRC Food Safety standard is used by companies in the food sector as the basis for a quality management system, aimed at complying with their legal and consumer protection obligations.

Given that food safety is constantly evolving, the standard is reviewed regularly to adapt it to those changes.

NUTRAVE is approved by the Islamic Centre of Córdoba to supply our products, across Spain and internationally, with the “Halal Guarantee” certificate, authorising us as one of the few poultry suppliers suitable for the Islamic world, and meeting the requirements of the GSO (Gulf Standards Organisation) standards of the United Arab Emirates.