Nutrave from the inside

Our origin

Nutrave was founded in 2002 by various families with extensive experience in the poultry sector. Their knowledge and good work have been passed down from generation to generation to the current day, establishing the company’s professional activity as that of the meat industry for the comprehensive processing of poultry. At Nutrave we are committed to innovation in our production process, which allows us to offer products which stand out from the rest of the market in terms of both quality and form. One example is our recent Imperial Chicken range, which is extremely successful in the sector and very popular with consumers who are committed to a superior product.

Nutrave’s facilities, where our chicken and hen meat is manufactured, are currently located in a high-tech industrial site (one hundred thousand square metres), which features some of the leading cutting-edge technology in the European market.

Nutrave: the result of an outstanding workforce

Our team is formed by over 170 people, making Nutrave a large family of professionals dedicated to the poultry sector.

At Nutrave, we are committed to promoting the employment of women. We make sure that at least 50% of our employees are female and making labour equality a reality at our company.

Similarly, our determined commitment to multicultural integration means that more than ten different nationalities work together at Nutrave, enriching the company and its workforce.

Constant training to ensure growth

The Nutrave team—specialised professionals in the poultry sector. Especially in the areas of production, quality, sales, foreign trade, logistics and management.

To guarantee up-to-date knowledge in line with the employment market, at Nutrave we run an extensive ongoing training policy for employees, which together with a strict staff motivation and awareness policy ensures that we have the best professional team to create chicken and hen products that are unique in quality and provide maximum confidence for the end consumer.

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