• Nutrave chicken breast fillets
  • Green asparagus
  • Potato
  • Salt and pepper


Cut the potato into thin slices and place them on baking paper with plenty of space in between (we will make some chips on which the rolls will be placed).
Preheat the oven to 180º and, when ready, put the potatoes in until brown (in my oven around 20 minutes).
In the meantime, cut an onion into julienne strips, season the Nutrave chicken breast fillets and wrap each fillet around one or two pieces of asparagus (depending on the size of the fillets). Place the onion into a baking dish and put the rolls on top.
Place the dish into the middle of the oven. If the potatoes are ready, remove the tray and leave to cool slightly (this will harden them up before serving).
Check that the rolls are cooking properly and, when ready, take them out to serve them on top of the “bed” of chips.
Add the onion on top and the juice released from the rolls and serve hot.
(Optional: During the final stage of baking, you can add a little honey on top to caramelise under the grill, although if you do not like sweet things you can always use chimichurri or barbecue sauce.

Recipe sent by Virginia De la calle Escudero