The Spanish economic magazine “Actualidad Económica”, published by Unidad Editorial, has recognised Humberto Carrasco,  CEO of Nutrave, with an award for Best Business Career in Castile-La Mancha.

The Business Success Awards for Castile-La Mancha recognise the work of different companies in the region, assessing their innovation, strategies and  growth.

The event, held at the Cigarral del Ángel restaurant, was attended by the President of the Region, Emiliano García-Page, the Mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón and the President of the Confederation of Business Owners of Castile-La Mancha (Cecam), Ángel Nicolás.

Emiliano García-Page presented the award for Best Business Career to Humberto Carrasco, CEO of Nutrave, who thanked his family and the business owners of the region and province for the award.

“President, if you pay attention to business owners, this will keep working and nothing will happen”, said Carrasco, to which García-Page responded in his subsequent speech, that it is “essential” to listen to those who get up every morning with their sights set on “generating and creating”.