At Nutrave we have always sought to improve our performance, make the best products, valuing their quality above all, in order to make a difference for the consumer.

Therefore, Nutrave’s Management has once again decided to take another step towards excellence in the field of Food Quality and Safety. After achieving the certification under the IFS V.6 standard (INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARD. Version 6 April 2014) in September 2016, we continued working to offer the market and its consumers a product that meets the requirements of an increasingly aware society that demands a safe product.

In order to protect consumers, strengthen their trust, reinforce food safety and ensure that our customers keep believing in us, we have continued working to obtain a wider range of certifications that are in turn much more demanding. After much effort and investment, Nutrave has once again successfully achieved the following certifications under the world food safety standards in September 2018: IFS V.6.1 (INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARD. Version 6.1. November 2017) and BRC V.7 (British Retail Consortium. Version 7 January 2015).

Thanks to these certifications, we can guarantee to our customers, suppliers, employees and society in general that the end product fully meets the demands of the markets. We also ensure this through intense and effective quality control management throughout the product manufacturing process. As a result, consumers have the peace of mind that comes with buying a product that is safe for their health.