Creating high quality chicken to offer to customers and consumers is the utmost priority for Nutrave. Therefore, our team of professionals has carried out the project entitled “Improvement of the bone quality of the broiler chicken with high growth rate through the modulation of W6/W3 content in the diet (DI-20160104)”.

This project has consisted of scientific research on how food, specifically Omega3 and Omega6, influences bone absorption of calcium and phosphorus and therefore the strength of the animal’s bones. To do this, simulations have been carried out with different diets in our experimental area, analysing how each of these diets affect growth.

This work has allowed us to improve the bone quality of our chickens during their development and growth, offering products that are in keeping with the excellence which we work towards every day, with the aim of promoting research, technological development and innovation in the production process of our products.

This study has been possible thanks to the financial support provided by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), of the European Union, through the Multiregional Operational Programme for Smart Growth, and subsidised by the CDTI.