On 4 and 5 August, the HALAL School in Córdoba gave a face-to-face course on an “Introduction to the Halal Concept” to our factory, production, slaughterhouse and Quality department managers, expanding their knowledge about the Islamic rules contained in the Quran.

Nutrave was a pioneer in the use of the Halal Guarantee mark in the meat industry for the comprehensive processing of poultry, issued by the Islamic Board of Spain.

Our employees acquired knowledge about all the stages of meat processing, storage conditions, chicken meat processing, and knowledge about Muslim culture and Halal regulations.

Under the Halal certification, the people involved in the quality control, slaughter and carving of the chickens have to use the correct processes and be trained in accordance with its regulations. The Halal guarantee certificate allows our chicken to be consumed by both the Muslim community, nationally and abroad, and anyone who considers this meat to be a high quality meat.