In November, Nutrave, a poultry company with its head office in Toledo (Spain), presented a new high-end product that stands out for its different breeding: Imperial Chicken.

Nutrave Imperial Chicken is a slow-grown product, with a minimum life of 56 days. It is also fed on 65% cereals and with no animal-derived products i.e. the feed is entirely plant-based. A unique characteristic that can be discerned in the quality and flavour of the end product.

As is normal at the Toledo company, all stages of the product cycle (incubation, breeding, feeding, transport, carving, refrigeration and preparation) are subject to strict quality controls, which is demonstrated by its obtaining the SGS certification.

With this new commitment, Nutrave is making clear its high business value and innovative power, deployed to ensure that it always offers consumers unbeatable high quality products in the market.