NUTRAVE has acquired a hatchery in the municipality of Cazalegas (in the province of Toledo) from the Sada Group and as a result the poultry group has completed the complete production cycle of its raw material. Specialised in complete poultry processing, NUTRAVE has now positioned itself among the leading Spanish companies in the sector and with an outstanding expansion plan for the next ten years. With the new facilities, NUTRAVE has a hatchery, breeding hen farms, comprehensive farms for fattening chickens, feed factory and facilities for slaughtering and preparing products derived from these birds.

Therefore, since 1 January, the production of the hatchery is exclusive to NUTRAVE, allowing it to breed 200,000 chickens per week. This business initiative has led to an increase in its capacity to prepare the almost 60 food products at the facilities in Bargas (Toledo). It is estimated that work will increase in these facilities in 2015, reaching more than 300,000 birds per week.

This work can be carried out smoothly, without any issues, thanks to the strategic plan drawn up by the company’s management, with investment in the latest generation machinery and employee training. NUTRAVE’s high quality products are found on the shelves of the major distribution chains such as DIA, CARREFOUR, HIPER USERA, SUPERSOL, E.LECLERC, AHORRAMAS, SIMPLY. In convenience stores such as DIOCARNES, LA CASA DE LA CARNE, ETC., in the HORECA channel; and finally, in on-line sales companies such as Domestic sales account for 70% of its turnover. Export activity is ongoing and NUTRAVE’s products can be purchased in Asia, Africa and Europe, representing 30% of annual turnover.