About Nutrave

Nutrave, 15 years creating high quality poultry products

Nutrave was founded over 15 years ago with the intention of offering high quality poultry products to the market, through their origin, breeding and wholesaling.

Nutrave: Comprehensive management of the raw material

Our goal is to offer high-quality products to both our wholesale customers and to the end consumers of our chicken. To achieve this, at Nutrave we comprehensively manage our products in terms of everything from our farm to the transportation, always using a sophisticated traceability control system. This, together with the exhaustive quality controls carried out on our work, allows us to guarantee the safety of our products.

Nutrave products


Nutrave’s star product. Imperial Chicken is produced by a slow-growth process that never takes less than 56 days . The chickens are fed on 65% cereals with no animal-derived products, i.e. feed is 100% plant-based. A unique characteristic that can be discerned in the quality and flavour of the end product.

Moreover, as with all Nutrave products, all stages of the product cycle (incubation, raising, feeding, transport, carving, refrigeration and preparation) are subject to strict quality controls, which is demonstrated by it obtaining the SGS certification.


Wholesale chicken is our company’s star product. All chickens under the Nutrave brand are fed with plant-based feed and come from Spanish farms with the strictest quality requirements. Every week they reach the tables of over 20,000 households, either whole or in parts.


Hen meat is fibrous, fatty and has a strong flavour which is ideal for broths and soups, as well as for the production of picadillo (Andalusian soup) and croquettes. In our recipe book you can see some examples of how to use this meat that Nutrave offers in bulk, both whole and carved.


Chicken meat is very versatile and can be used in an extensive range of prepared products (hamburgers, chicken nuggets, goujons, etc.) that we continuously develop and that let us adapt to the needs of our clients and market trends.

Nutrave Recipes
Garlic Nutrave chicken with beer sauce

Garlic Nutrave chicken with beer sauce

Ingredients: 4 Nutrave chicken drumsticks 1 head of garlic Extra virgin olive oil 25 ml of beer Basmati rice Parsley Preparation: Place the olive oil in a large pan and start to slightly brown the whole head of garlic. Without waiting too long, add the chicken...

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Stuffed chicken thighs with Roquefort sauce

Stuffed chicken thighs with Roquefort sauce

Ingredients: Nutrave chicken thighs Slices of Serrano ham Roquefort cheese Single cream A splash of Brandy Salt Pepper Preparation: Clean the thighs, removing the bone. Then, place a slice of Serrano ham inside. Bake them in the oven at 200º with a splash of Brandy....

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Couscous with Nutrave chicken thighs and flap mushrooms

Couscous with Nutrave chicken thighs and flap mushrooms

Ingredients (4 people): 250 g of Nutrave chicken thighs 350 g of wheat flour for couscous 1/2 courgette 1 medium red pepper 400 g of varied flap mushrooms 12-14 dates Chicken and/or vegetable stock 6 sprigs of chives 20-25 mint leaves Extra virgin olive oil Lemon...

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